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Ultimate Quiz Showdown

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Gather your team and step into an exhilarating quiz game experience, filled with all the lights, music, and action you'd find on a live TV set. Brace yourself for unpredictable fun, unexpected surprises, and plenty of laughs as you test your knowledge until the very last second. Choose between two riveting trivia concepts - the Quiz or the Music Quiz, each catering to a wide audience. Alongside, opt to merge the quiz room with other engaging activities like escape rooms or virtual room experiences for a diverse and dynamic team adventure. Get ready to ignite your wits, foster team bonds, and tap into your competitive spirit in this immersive trivia journey.

1.5 hours
Sydney CBD
4 - 54 team members

  • 30-minute qualifying round quiz game
  • 30-minute final or plate final (top teams compete and bottom teams compete)
  • Choice of The Quiz or The Music Quiz
  • Option to combine the quiz room with other activities such as escape rooms and virtual room activities

  • 1 Hour Drinks Package available for $30pp (choice of water, soft drinks, beer, cider or wine)
  • Various food packages available starting from $16.90pp